3 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Ministry – and not

Thanks to Jim Keat at Convergence for sharing these three Great Ideas in one.

Jim Keat is the media wiz at Convergence, full of tech wisdom and media insight for ministry in diverse settings.

Keat suggests three great ways to use ChatGPT in congregational ministry – and three horrible ideas we should all avoid.

How-to #1: The Easiest Way to Tweet a Sermon shares tips for quick Twitter uploads for tired preachers.

How-to #2: What Should We Talk About? recommends ChatGPT-generated questions to jump start small group conversations.

How-to #3: Say It Shorter offers ideas on super-quick newsletter blurbs based on fuller website or publicity content.

How-not-to #1: Preacher-bot suggests avoiding having ChatGPT write your whole sermon

How-not-to #2: AI Will Pray with You – advises just the opposite

How-not-to #3: Robo-theology admits to the limitations of the tech

Basically, Keat (and ChatGPT) writes, “use ChatGPT… to supplement and enhance [your] ministry, rather than as a replacement for personal relationships and engagement”

Read Keat’s full post here.

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