3 Ways Out of Overwhelm

Thanks to Elliott May for sharing these three Great Ideas in one in Building Faith’s post.

Elliott May writes, “After a long stretch of constant pandemic adaptation, it’s clear that many church leaders are working to discern what comes next in our formation programs. Do we just return to our 2019 configurations, or do we do something else?”

If you’re ‘feeling stuck’, May suggests the following:

    1. Start with Conversation
      • churches are built on relationships: listen to, learn from, and grow together with congregational participants
      • discover clear, actual, specific, and concrete needs and interests – of all generations – before planning anything
      • most folx want to be a part of dreaming together: invite folx to the conversation early and ‘demonstrate that Christian formation is the work of the whole community
    2. Don’t Get Hung Up on ‘Should’
      • it’s a trap
      • adds to interpretations of ‘personal failure’
      • wastes time and energy and emotions!!
    3. Remember that Everything You Do in Church Is Formation
      • formation is not classroom or activity-bound
      • teachers are not the only purveyors of faith
      • we are all growing spiritually and in every gathering, event, moment

The Ministry Lab has been reconfigured to address this final insight: originally begun (as The Resource Center for Churches) to support specifically children’s ministry, then eventually children, youth and family ministries, we now support all areas of congregational life: learning, worship, contemplative practices, stewardship, outreach, social justice, hospitality, etc. From our hard copy library to our one-on-one consulting, we are here to support congregational life – and you as a leader of it!

Hall concludes with this reminder: “This is God’s work into which we are invited. Nothing could be better or more important.”

Read the full article here.

Blessings as you do this essential work. We’re here to walk beside you along the way!