15 Sustainable Holiday Tips

Thanks to Karen Lange and the Earth Care Corner for sharing this Great Idea in The Valley Bridge newsletter of the Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys.

The Valley Bridge’s Earth Care Corner shared One Tree Planted’s 15 Sustainable Holiday Tips, which include:

  1. Use sustainable holiday gift wrap.
  2. Prepare an eco-friendly feast.
  3. Get a real tree.
  4. Switch to LED holiday lights.
  5. Give sustainable Christmas gifts.
  6. Make sustainable Christmas decorations.
  7. Send a card that plants trees.
  8. Give an experience they can look forward to.
  9. Handcraft some awesome DIY gifts.
  10. Donate to charity.
  11. Do a gift swap.
  12. Recycle your Christmas tree.
  13. Ditch the cheap stocking stuffers.
  14. Adjust your thermostat.
  15. Enjoy an eco-friendly nightcap.

More details about each idea can be found at: 15 Ideas for Sustainable Holidays – One Tree Planted.

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