Baptism of Christ Prayer Stations

Thanks to Rev. Elsa Cook, from Cooking with Elsa, for creating and sharing this Great Idea on her blog!

Pastor Elsa’s idea offers an opportunity to create something special for Baptism of Christ Sunday without creating a lot of extra work for you. Namely, let this be a Sunday of prayer stations – meaning no need for a sermon!

She’s generated a scavenger hunt list for congregational members to find at home. She suggests sharing the list ten days to a week beforehand (hence the timing of her post and this one) and issuing plenty of reminders.

She offers a full liturgy; slides for sharing prompts and images online (and suggestions for finding your own, if you desire); and music videos covered by the CCLI license.

It’s an entire worship service for Sunday, January 12, ready to go – and it includes lots of interaction and engagement opportunities for all ages! Encourage readers, musicians, and/or techies of all ages to participate and share their gifts to further lift the burden from staff shoulders.

Also, different prayer station prompts can be used to generate Sunday school, youth and adult study conversations throughout the week heading into January 12. The station prompts are paired with Scripture readings, so lend themselves to Bible discussions, personal reflections, and group exploration of themes of baptism, incarnation, giftedness, and belonging. Using them in the week ahead will help people prepare for Sunday worship.

Read all about Rev. Cook’s Great Idea – and get the entire liturgy and music suggestions – in the Cooking with Elsa blog.

Let the Baptism of Christ be a multi-generational, week-long celebration with this Great Idea!!